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UNDERSTANDING WORKERS' COMPENSATION: NEW! The formerly hard copy‐only client booklet "Understanding Workers' Compensation" is now available as a flipbook online. Please view it here!

RECENT DECISIONS & INTERESTING CASES UPDATE: New documents added to the Recent Decisions section and three new cases added to the NEW Interesting Cases page - which can be found by clicking on the blue tab above (right under the News & Announcements title) or by following THIS LINK!

MIXX 96 FM RADIO INTERVIEW with WAYNE WILLIAMS: Listen to the new radio interview with Wayne Williams on the Dick Pust show in our Media section... or just click here to download/listen to an MP3 of the interview right now!

WHAT TO EXPECT AFTER APPEALING A DEPARTMENT OF LABOR & INDUSTRIES' ORDER: All parties have the same appeal rights. Any party (employer or injured worker) can appeal an Order from the Department of Labor and Industries (Department) to the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals (Board.) This is a general outline of the definitions and procedures which govern these appeals. Download PDF

VIDEO & BLOG POSTS: A new video has been added to the Media section! Also, remember to check the Blog regularly and read the new post on what's really involved in a Security Guard Job!

NEW RADIO ADS ONLINE: Three NEW Radio Ads have been added to the MEDIA section! Listen to the most recent radio ads for Williams, Wyckoff & Ostrander, PLLC. right here!
NOTE: You may also directly download MP3 files of the most recent radio advertisements: Vocational Rehab Counselor, Independent Medical Examiner, Structured Settlement. View the Media page for all of our radio ads.

PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS: If you are injured on the job, generally the Department or your Self-Insured employer will pay for prescription medications necessary for treatment of accepted conditions, if it serves a curative or rehabilitative purpose... Read more! Download PDF

The Department’s website states “IMEs should provide unbiased, accurate and comprehensive information and be carried out with dignity and respect for the worker.” Unfortunately, many IME providers have not read the Department’s website...
Read more! Download PDF

STRUCTURED SETTLEMENTS: There have been some recent major changes to Washington Workers Compensation Laws... Read more! Download PDF

IS DLI A TRUSTEE?: The Department of Labor & Industries Fulfilling its Duty as a Trustee for the Injured. Download PDF

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“I have recommended Dane to several friends and family. He has successfully assisted them as well.” RC

“After diligently working to help me, Mr. Ostrander succeeded in our quest to make sure I was taken care of.” CV

“For the last 15 years, Mr. Williams has had to battle with the Department to keep my claim open... he has done just that.” Joey Hancock

“I think anyone would agree that Mr. Williams went beyond what you would normally expect a lawyer to do.” Frank Hejna

“I went from having a totally rejected claim to having my claim accepted... and being placed on the pension rolls.” Andrew Clarke Keys

“I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.” Sondra Nipper

“They have been my attorneys of choice for over 25 years, but much more important they are my choice for life!” Sylvia Pugsley

"Dane is a good man!" Sloane (3 years old)

Bringing together lawyers with over 75 years of collective experience. Visit the Attorneys & Staff section to learn more about Williams, Wyckoff & Ostrander, PLLC.

We have brought together lawyers with over 75 years of collective experience.

Our three lawyers have the backgrounds and experiences essential to our commitment to represent injured persons at every step in the legal process. Our lawyers are all experienced trial lawyers.

With an emphasis on workers' compensation, we are experienced with the laws governing the rights of injured persons. We actively pursue claims and lawsuits on behalf of injured workers.

We believe our firm is small enough to continue to provide the "personal touch" in representation, while the experience and knowledge of our attorneys, in the area we emphasize, is comparable to that of firms of any size. Although we have a skilled support staff, we normally try to have our lawyers communicate directly with our clients.

  • Time Loss and Ability to Work
  • Vocational Retraining
  • Pension/Permanent Partial Disability
  • Claim Allowance
  • Occupational Disease or Repetitive Trauma Claims
  • Medical Treatment
  • Claim Reopening
  • Structured Settlement
It is the mission of our firm to give you quality legal services, provided by lawyers experienced with the laws which apply to your situation. We are experienced with the laws providing compensation for disability, injury and illness.

We are committed to providing guidance and representation concerning injury and disability.

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