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Lance M. Maier

I would like to express my gratitude to Doug Wyckoff and his associates for the many hours of work they have done on my workers' compensation case. It was October 20th, 2000 when I was involved in a work related accident that caused permanent injury to my back. After fice years working with a different legal office, I chose to seek Doug's legal counsel based on the recomendation of a friend and previous client of Doug's.

He guided me through the many challenges of the L&I process, and over the course of many years, his dedicated work heped me gain a pension plan from L&I, as I am unable to return to work.

Andrea Solberg

I was injured in July of 2004 while working as a phlebotomist. I found dealing with L&I and the whole workers' compensation system very frustrating. L&I wanted to close my claim, even though I needed more surgeries for my injury. Dane Ostrander, and everyone else at the law firm, helped get me the treatment and retraining that I needed.

I have just finished my retraining with the help of my vocational rehabilitation counselor, my doctors and this wonderful law firm. I graduated on June 15, 2012, with my second Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business Administration, and with over a 3.0 GPA.

There is no way that I could have accomplished this without everyone's help. Thank you so much.

Dane took over and efficiently handled all of the requests and paperwork. After diligently working to help me, Mr. Ostrander succeeded in our quest to make sure I was taken care of.


After 20 years or working in an office/accounting environment, I began experiencing tingling, numbness and pain in my hands. It got to where I was not sleeping and could hardly hold a pen. So, in 2004 I filed a L&I claim for bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. After surgery the doctors found that there were more problems stemming from nerves in my neck area. The department denied my neck condition, saying it was due to aging and not my job duties.

At that time, I could see I needed to hire an attorney to help me get my neck allowed and muddle through the Departments' monstrous amount of paperwork and jump through all the hoops. So, I called Dane Ostrander of WWO and with his help, we were able to get my neck condition allowed as an occupational disease.

Dane took over and efficiently handled all of the requests and paperwork. After diligently working to help me, Mr. Ostrander succeeded in our quest to make sure I was taken care of.

Sloane (3 years old)

Dane is a good man!


After 40 years of commercial vehicle driving, I started experiencing pain in my right shoulder. Two orthopedic surgeons advised that I needed a total shoulder replacement. Both doctors agreed my job duties as a bus driver for the Port of Seattle aggravated my shoulder requiring shoulder replacement. I submitted an L&I claim and it was denied by my self-insured employer. Knowing from past experience that the workers' compensation process can be extremely complicated, I contacted Dane Ostrander.

As expected, the process was extremely complicated, difficult, and drawn out over an extended period of time. Dane was very creative during the litigation process. We brought in pictures to show some of the physical requirements of the job, developed a map of my route, and called in co-workers to validate my work duties and interviewed my doctors. Throughout the whole process, Dane was assisted by Shanna Winters, who probably knows more about the L&I process than most of the people at L&I. They were very successful and won my case. I was able to have total shoulder replacement surgery.

Most recently, I began to have sharp pains in my thumbs. My orthopedic surgeon advised that I needed tendon replacement and suggested that this was caused by many years of driving. Again, the claim was denied by my self-insured employer. I contacted Dane, and he was very effective in litigating my claim, thus allowing me to have the recommended surgery.

I have recommended Dane to several friends and family. He has successfully assisted them as well. I highly recommend Dane Ostrander and Williams, Wyckoff & Ostrander PLLC to anyone needed help with the L&I process.

Frank Hejna

I was a client of Wayne Williams for several years, and then in November of 2004, the Department, out of the blue, issued an order saying I was not entitled to time loss for the last two years and demanded I repay them almost $89,000. All of this started because I had been growing a bit of marijuana to use to treat my back pain. This resulted in an allegation that I was selling marijuana and making so much money that it amounted to having returned to work.

Wayne Williams filed an appeal to the Department’s order, and there were a series of lengthy hearings and many witnesses testified. In the meantime, the Department had handed the matter over to the Thurston County Prosecutor, and I entered into a plea agreement to an allegation that I had misrepresented my situation and unlawfully obtained payments. I did this, because I couldn’t really afford a defense. However, the agreement said that if the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals determined that if I did not owe the Department any money, then the plea agreement would be set aside.

I won at the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals, and when the Department appealed to the Superior Court, Wayne got their appeal dismissed. Then, he found me a criminal attorney in Olympia, who represented me when the Prosecutor refused to set aside the sentence.

Ultimately, the sentence was set aside. I owed nothing to the Department of Labor and Industries, was not convicted of misrepresenting my status to the Department, and Mr. Williams continued to represent me until he got me placed on a permanent pension.

I think anyone would agree that Mr. Williams went beyond what you would normally expect a lawyer to do, and helped me get out of a very sticky situation. Mr. Williams and his firm went way beyond the call of duty for me and I will always be grateful to him and his firm.

John & Cindy Lewis

We were completely satisfied with the hard work & attention to detail that we received from Doug & his team. Our case was not your routine injury claim, Doug embraced it & us from the start knowing that this was going to be a difficult case to resolve. Doug & his team were always prepared or one step ahead of the opposition & as a result we prevailed in our case & made caselaw history on the way. Now everyone that comes next can refer to our case as precedent .I would retain the services of WWO law firm again & recommend them to anyone. They are a honest, personable, ethical, decent law firm that cares about their clients.

Joey Hancock

About fifteen years ago, after some early go-rounds with the Department, I realized I was going to need an attorney. For the last fifteen years, Mr. Williams has had to battle with the Department to keep my claim open, assist in vocational services, get me the treatment being recommended, and keep the Department from jerking me around. He has done just that.

Sondra Nipper

I came to Mr. Williams with a particularly unique and challenging case. Even though I had let some crucial dates pass by, Mr. Williams was willing to take on my case. He was efficient and thorough, handling difficult problems without me ever having to step into the courtroom. Mr. Williams was able to secure for me full state benefits. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

Andrew Clarke Keys

In December 2003, both of my arms and wrists began hurting to such an extent that I could no longer work. I filed a worker's compensation claim, and my self-insured employer denied it.

I went through the Department of Labor and Industries' process and finally, in 2005, I hired Wayne Williams to represent me. He took my case to the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals and, in February of 2005, the Board directed the self-insured employer to treat my bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as the degenerative arthritis in each of my thumbs and wrists, as occupational diseases.

Then, the self-insured employer refused to pay me time loss compensation. Mr. Williams kept after the self-insured employer, and the Department directed the self-insured employer to pay penalties on several occasions. Mr. Williams went to the Board again, and the Board directed the self-insured employer to pay time loss.

Finally, in May 2008, Mr. Williams got the Department to place me on the pension rolls. Then the self-insured employer appealed the Pension Order. Mr. Williams defended me, and we prevailed. I went from having a totally rejected claim, to having my claim accepted, my conditions treated, time loss paid to me for five years, and then ended up being placed on the pension rolls.

I would recommend Mr. Williams for you. I would also recommend Mr. Williams' wonderful office staff, who helped me on many occasions and always treated me well.

Sylvia Pugsley

I am writing this letter for one reason only,I am a strong advocate for the injured worker in the state of Washington! Why? Because any state run institution has only one thing on their minds and that's their bottom line of monies paid to injured workers! With your best interest in mind, I have written the following:

When I was twenty-eight I was seriously injured and could no longer work. This left me without a job and on Workman's Compensation. At first all seemed to be going well until one month I received no income. They did not notify me about any changes just that I was denied further coverage. This happened four or five times sometimes lasting weeks and some lasting months. This left me homeless and I couldn't even feed my family which left me no choice but to stand in bread lines and go on food stamps! I am not so proud that I refused their assistance but I knew it was wrong for the Labor and Industry board to continue to cut me off every time they "felt" like it. I had enough of that and sought the help of an attorney!

If you get anything from this testimony I hope You will walk away with the knowledge that as an injured worker you have rights! Now you may ask, where do I find justice for me and my family...a good and caring lawyer! When Wayne took me as a client, I did not have to pay any up front costs, which as many of you know we don't have as an injured worker. It is my hope that you will look in the right direction...I found a firm called Williams, Wyckoff and Ostrander and to this day I have never regretted that phone call! Trust me when I say, you won't regret that decision, not for one minute.

I have never met a more down to earth, caring man such as Wayne, I still feel honored to know him. After our initial interview, he said he would look over my case and call me if he could help, at first I was apprehensive ,I didn't know if he would take my case. That only lasted one day and he called to tell me that he would indeed take my case! We have had a few hurdles to climb but Wayne was relentless in his pushing and prodding for true justice for me. I wasn't referred to Wayne, I actually found him in the yellow pages of the phone book! The law firm of Wayne Williams, Wyckoff and Ostrander has proven to me, their dedication and loyalty to their client. Example of this is, I moved to Montana and when my case came before a review board of Workman's Comp. Lawyers, I was scared to death. Of course, because of my past history with Washington Labor and Industries. I couldn't loose my benefits again! My attorney, Wayne Williams actually flew to Billings, Montana to be at my side during this latest pressure from lawyers! Think about that for a second...how many lawyers do you know that would go out of their way to do this? He has stayed by my side in every aspect of my case. Today, I am still a winner but I couldn't have done it without the care and dedication of Wayne and my advocate Shawna Winters. They have been my attorneys of choice for over twenty-five years, but much more important they are my choice for life! Even though I am on a pension now, which means they can never cut me off again, They still fight for my rights and when something the state is doing wrong ,the law firm of Wayne Williams ,Wyckoff and Ostrander will respond immediately and resolve the issues. I really don't think of them as my attorneys, I consider them as family who is always looking out for me!

Many injured workers do not fully understand the power that the state of Washington has. If you are an injured worker, it is my plea to you to at least talk to Wayne and associates, it will save you heartache, uncertainty and the knowledge you have in finding and keeping an awesome lawyer such as Wayne Williams and his dedicated staff. So my advice to many of you who live in Washington state and are an injured worker, fight for your rights but have Wayne and associates by your side and from experience, I can tell you there are none better,

May the Lord be with you as you struggle with your injury and I pray for your speedy recovery and last but most important, contact Wayne Williams at Williams, Wyckoff and Ostrander today for a better more peace of mind tomorrow.

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